boîtier for bike furniture

Let’s face it, if you’re serious about your your exercise bike, it will likely be your pride and joy and keeping it readily available when you want to work out is a must. That being said, exercise bikes can be quite cumbersome machines, particularly if you live in a relatively small space so you need to get creative with how your store it inside. Enter boîtier for bike furniture which will not just give you the perfect place for storing your exercise bike inside, it will also add a real aesthetic impact to your home and add to the interior design aesthetic as a whole.

With boîtier for bike furniture you just close the drawer and your living room becomes a living room again – something that anyone who owns an exercise bike will be infinitely thankful for. It is a hand-crafted piece made of designer furniture that has been crafted from Cherry hardwood, veneered wood, and antique brass for a classy design aesthetic which will fit in effortlessly with any interior design endeavours. The quality of the craftsmanship is second to none and if you love working out on your exercise bike but you’re not such a fan of the space it takes up, you’ll want to get your hands on some boîtier for bike furniture.

Versatile Design

The beauty of boîtier for bike furniture is the fact that it is compatible with Peloton and other popular stationary bikes and it has been designed to be the perfect fit for any room no matter how you like to configure your furniture setup. The cabinets will be custom built to open either left or right, based on your choice and this striking piece of designer furniture is not just for workout equipment: boîtier has shelving for books, speakers, plants – basically any items that will complement your interior.

With boîtier for bike furniture, there is over 50×30″ of uninterrupted shelf space that can be filled however best fits in with your interior design aesthetic and it will ensure that your exercise bike is front and central when you need it and out of sight when you don’t. With this cracking piece of design, Mid-century modern meets the home gym era in effortless style. It is a beveled cabinet with a side drawer that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before and for those who undertake regular workouts at home, it will be the highly stylish storage solution you will have been waiting for.

This hand-crafted wooden furniture has been cleverly designed to make any room feel less like a gym, and more like your home. You can effortlessly add boîtier for bike to a home gym, living room, bedroom, or any space you would add a standalone cabinet. The fact it offers versatile storage on top of its exercise bike storage is the icing on the cake and the high quality materials and first-class craftsmanship ensure it will enhance your interior design aesthetic considerably. To make sure it offers a safe platform while using a bike, boîtier built a custom base which is load-tested to 400+lbs and reinforced with steel. Their base draws design inspiration from utility carts found in mechanical industries (like automotive), where large loads must go from mobile to stationary positions, securely. So, it looks great, performs brilliantly and is made from top notch materials. What’s not to like?

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