Bomber Barrel Bag

The term ‘everyday carry’ is thrown around a lot nowadays but, in the case of this rather extraordinary looking Bomber Barrel Bag, it might actually be applicable. As anyone who has ever sought a genuinely resilient, stylish and functional duffel will doubtlessly be aware, it is difficult to find an option that meets all of these requirements without the eye-watering price tag to match but the already successful Kickstarter project Bomber Barrel Bag may well be just the one to buck that trend.

The Bomber Barrel Bag is billed as the classic barrel bag redesigned for the modern man and, having taken a look at some of the impressive features of this all-encompassing carry, we’re inclined to agree here at Coolector HQ. Taking its design inspiration from the classic barrel designs of the 20th century, this re-imagining offers plenty of characteristics that thrust it well and truly into the 21st century including its ultra grade nylon materials, minimal design and lightweight finish. Check out a few shots of the Bomber Barrel Bag below:





The overriding objective behind the creation of the Bomber Barrel Bag was a desire to create a duffel that could be used by everyone for any conceivable situation whether this be going to the gym or for weekend trips away. The beauty of the Bomber Barrel Bag lies in its simplicity and its easy to see why it has already demolished its Kickstarter target.

So, if you’re in the market for a distinctive carry that’s not going to let you down in the style or performance department, the Bomber Barrel Bag might just be the one for you and its certainly left us thoroughly impressed here at Coolector HQ.

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