Bone Daddy Blade WerX Axxis Hand Axe

When it comes to wilderness and adventure ready gear, one of the most important features it has to have is versatility and that’s something that this Axxis Hand Axe from Bone Daddy Blade WerX has in spades. Funding on Kickstarter right now, this cracking bit of kit will blow you away with just how functional it is and the sort of activities it will assist you with. It has the versatility of a bush knife, the unparalleled chopping power of an axe but, crucially, with none of the dead weight of either.

Funding on Kickstarter now, the Axiss Hand Axe from Bone Daddy Blade WerX is available for $135 during the campaign which is a 20% saving on the intended final retail price. Anyone who is serious about their wilderness adventuring know that an axe or a large camp knife, often both, are crucial for any deep journey into the bush. The Axiss Hand Axe takes its design inspiration from the simplicity of prehistoric man’s flint hand axes and delivers a first class performance for any outdoor adventures you have afoot.

Eons in the Making

Heavily inspired by the simplicity of the Stone Age hand axe, this innovative offering from Bone Daddy Blade WerX is already rapidly approaching its funding target on Kickstarter as more and more adventure inclined individuals snap it up. During the design process, Bone Daddy Blade WerX saw more and more ways that modern technology could improve upon this stone age design. This led to the creation of a lighter, and more functionally versatile chopping tool than has ever come before it. 

The Bone Daddy Blade WerX Axxis Hand Axe (from $135) can act as a knife when you need kindling or to prepare a meal, an axe when you need to clear a campsite or build a shelter and a full-size axe for felling giants and splitting logs. Courtesy of the 21st century materials and technology that Bone Daddy Blade WerX had at their disposal, they were able to make this primary survival chopper much more robust, lightweight and, quite simply, better so you can adventure farther, deeper and faster.

Impressively designed, the Axxis Hand Axe has 11 unique features in one solid piece and with no moving parts. This offers versatility off the charts and should be an essential piece of apparatus for anyone who regularly heads into the wild or camping excursions. It has over 10 multiple grip options, strategically placed lashing holes, it requires minimal maintenance and it is is left hand friendly so all those south paws out there don’t have to miss out on this ace piece of adventure EDC.

Effortlessly Simple Design

Transforming the Axxis from a pocket-sized, EDC hand axe into a full-size axe is literally as straightforward as finding a tree in the woods. When you need a haft, the entire woods becomes your hardware store. You bring the lashing cord and the Axxis will do the rest. This sort of versatility can be a real life-saver when you’re engaged in wilderness adventures and need to get yourself out of some sticky situations.

Getting an EDC tool (that effortlessly transforms into a full axe) for as little as $132 is nothing short of extraordinary in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and it comes as no surprise at all that this project is proving so popular over on Kickstarter. If you’ve got plans to head on some great outdoors adventures over the next few months and years, you’ll not regret adding this Bone Daddy Blade WerX Axxis Hand Axe to your line up of gear. Head on over to Kickstarter to get your hands on one for a bargain price.

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