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We’ve got a certain soft spot for dive bars here at Coolector HQ and finding somewhere new to enjoy a craft ale is largely dictated by the quality of their signage. It’s for this reason, then, that we’ve likely been drawn, magpie like, towards the awesome offerings of Neon MFG Signs who boast a stellar line up of neon signs that are available for purchase to be proudly displayed in your own home or office.

Getting one’s hands on neon signs has been rather difficult historically (not that we’ve tried extensively, of course) but this fantastic brand look to be doing an admirable job of making this much sought after form of signs much more accessible and, better still, really rather affordable. Neon MFG Signs are heavily inspired by typography which makes us either fonder of their superb series of signs here at Coolector HQ and we genuinely can’t think of many things we’d rather have hanging from the walls of our headquarters right now than one of their awesome signs.

The objective of this supremely spiffing brand is to offer the widest range of cool, unique and interesting neon signs and, having perused their current offerings, we’re delighted to report that they are off to a mightily fine start. Each one of the signs that they offer are hand-made by experienced craftsmen and constructed from the best materials available to give your neon sign that distinctive, authentic look that you’ll be craving. Take a look at a few of their most visually arresting pieces below:











For those people who are also drawn moth like to neon signs, you will probably already have your credit card out and be shouting “shut up and take my money” as this is the position we currently find ourself in here at Coolector HQ.

There is already an excellent selection to choose from with Neon MFG Signs and there will likely be plenty more added to their line up of typography inspired awesomeness as we head further into 2015 so even if you don’t see the phrase you’re after on their site just yet, we recommend keeping your eyes well and truly peeled.

Price: $119+

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