Borromeo de Silva Monocoque Paddle Canoe

Of all the watersports available out there, canoeing is definitely the one that appeals to our sensibilities the most here at Coolector HQ and that is especially the case if we were lucky enough to have one of these, frankly extraordinary looking, Borromeo de Silva Monocoque Paddle Canoe as our vessel. As classy as it gets from an aesthetic standpoint and made to deliver the sort of stand out performance that regular canoe trippers would demand.

The Monocoque Paddle Canoe is a luxury offering from leading Italian technology and engineering experts, Borromeo de Silva, and it’s hard not to be left in awe of its stunning visual impact and eye-catching materials that are used throughout its construction. With the intention of showcasing their ability to expertly combine traditional craftsmanship techniques and highly technical processes and materials, the hull of the Monocoque Paddle Canoe is crafted from a combination of copper-woven carbon fibre and classic teak wood for an out of this world aesthetic.

Elegant Design

Though most people will go canoeing to take in nature and other glorious natural landscapes, you might find it hard to take your eyes off the Monocoque Paddle Canoe from Borromeo de Silva such is its bold, visual impact. This stunning piece of design and craftsmanship has copper wire carefully weaved in the carbon which delivers a depth to the texture and glistens when hit by sunlight – something which really makes the surfaces come to life.

The Borromeo de Silva Monocoque Paddle Canoe is a technically robust, durable and lightweight vessel that doesn’t rest on its laurels of looking amazing – it also delivers a knock out performance out on the water as well. The teak surface of the canoe is hand laid by Maestri d’Ascia, who is one of the oldest and most celebrated artisanal crafts in Genova and this provides a tangible sense of quality that really is second to none.

Boasting a clever, streamlined design, the Borromeo de Silva Monocoque Paddle Canoe has a space to stow away the oars on the side in what is a subtle homage to the fins on a Cadillac – something that any automotive loving canoeist is going to appreciate. If you love good design and enjoy heading out on the water in a canoe, it’s fair to say, you’re not going to find many that are more visually appealing than this one from master Italian craftsman, Borromeo de Silva.

First Class Style

It’s easy to fall into traps of style over substance but this amazing piece of design from Borromeo de Silva delivers impeccably well on both fronts. The Monocoque Paddle Canoe is elegance personified and anyone who is lucky enough to take a trip in one of these mesmerising vessels isn’t going to forget it in a hurry. With a streamlined profile built for the water, you’ll be blown away at just how well it performs.

If you love canoeing and have long been on the hunt for a rally stand out contraption for taking out on the water, they don’t come much cooler or more accomplished than the Monocoque Paddle Canoe from Borromeo de Silva. Exceptionally well made with an incredible attention to detail in each element of the design, we can’t wait to see what other products come under the purview of these talented Italian craftsmen in 2018 and beyond.

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