Bound For The Ground Skull Pour Over Coffee Dripper

For those with a penchant for caffeine and cool design, Kickstarter is always a good place to start in order to sate this appetite and that has shown to be the case again with this super cool Bound For Ground Skull Pour Over Coffee Dripper, which serves as the ideal gift for any man who is serious about their coffee.

The Bound For Ground Skull Pour Over Coffee Dripper has an eye-catching poly design and delivers practical, precise porcelain percolation for coffee lovers that want to fill their kitchen with aesthetically superior, caffeine related products. Coffee drippers are pretty uninspiring from a visual point of view for the most part so it’s always good to see great looking designs which aim to overcome this issue and this Kickstarter project is definitely that.

Get Your Coffee Fix In Style

Coffee is something that we’re drawn to multiple times a day here at Coolector HQ so it stands to reason that we’re always drawn towards cool looking coffee accessories and this Bound For The Ground Skull Pour Over Coffee Dripper definitely falls into that bracket. It is the handiwork of gadget and accessories brand, Hundred Million, and it is a expertly crafted porcelain coffee dripper in low poly 3D skull shape. Which, if we’re being honest, is a pretty good representation of how pouring caffiene directly into your head each morning is a must for most of us.

The Bound For Ground Skull Pour Over Coffee Dripper has been made in conjunction with one of the UK’s best loved coffee roasters who will produce a short run of  coffee called ‘Trouble is Brewing’ Dark Italiano/Hazelnut blend ground coffees, who have also crafted a special edition, Kickstarter-exclusive china mug – which has been printed in Scotland – to be the perfect vessel to sit beneath the brilliant looking skull coffee dripper.

Pour over coffee is a popular choice for many caffeine aficionados and there will not be many cooler ways of introducing the beans to the hot water than this superb offering from Hundred Million, funding over on Kickstarter now. Made from glazed porcelain for a smooth, robust finish, this accessory comes in two parts – namely, the saucer that sits on top of your cup and the geometric skull located stably and securely in the hole in the centre –  so it is extremely easy to both use and clean.

Delicious Design

There is a real aesthetic awesomeness to this skull shaped design from Hundred Million and it’s certainly the sort of product that we invariably find ourselves gravitating towards here at The Coolector. For anyone with a love of coffee and top notch design principles, this will certainly sit pride of place in your kitchen and provides an excellent means of making the perfect pour over coffee.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen and want to bag one of these Bound For The Ground Pour Over Coffee Drippers for yourself or, indeed, as a gift for another coffee lover, there is still plenty of time to head on over to Kickstarter and throw your support behind their campaign.

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