Balolo Playstation 4 Pro Walnut Wood Covers

The Playstation 4 Pro is a mighty fine looking console, there’s no doubt about that but, as with most things, there’s always room for aesthetic improvement and that’s exactly what these brilliant looking Balolo Playstation 4 Pro Walnut Wood Covers achieve. Striking and packing a super cool visual punch, these cleverly conceived covers from Balolo are perfect for those tech lovers who want their console to really fit in with their overall interior design endeavours.

Balolo are a German brand that specialise in creating supremely cool and minimalist wooden covers for all your essential tech such as speakers, consoles and a variety of smart devices but it is their Playstation 4 Pro Wood Covers that have most captured our attention here at The Coolector. For any console owner that values visuals, these super cool covers are going to resonate and they’re extremely straightforward to apply.

Elevated Aesthetics

If you own the PS4 Pro Console, you’re going to be only too aware that it is a great looking bit of kit in its own right but if there is any wood that is capable of classing things up a bit, it’s walnut. These Balolo Playstation 4 Pro Walnut Wood Covers are available for both the console and your controllers so no bit of tech is left out and you’ll be mighty impressed with the difference it makes to have these applied to the exterior of your devices. Your PS4 will never have looked so good.

The Balolo Playstation 4 Pro Walnut Wood Covers is a first of its kind offering for the Pro and if you’re rocking a contemporary, understated look with your interior design at home, these covers will seamlessly integrate with that aesthetic. Crafted from the finest quality, genuine walnut wood, these covers are the perfectly commingling of technology and nature and we’re loving the whole new look and feel they provide for such a well known looking piece of technology.

Each cover, be it for the PS4 Pro or your Playstation controllers, is hand made in German and uses a patent pending sticky site which makes the incredibly thin layer of Balolo walnut wood (which is around .7 mm thick) very easy to apply to the exterior of your console or controller. It doesn’t affect the usability of the device in any way, shape or form and merely serves to make it much more attractive visually.

Minimalist Magnificence

Although the Playstation 4 Pro is undoubtedly one of the most attractive gaming consoles to date, it is made even more visually pleasing courtesy of these superb covers from Balolo and if you’re the sort of gamer that will want to put their console out on show but with a visual twist, this is definitely a product for you.

Balolo boast a mighty fine line up of wooden covers but it is their walnut offerings for the Playstation 4 which will really make the perfect gift for a gamer this Christmas. Wonderfully well-crafted and striking as they come, this is the ideal way to make your trusty console the most attractive looking piece of tech you’ve got.

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