Bowlus Road Chief Trailer

Now that we are in the depths of summer, the road trip bug is really starting to take hold and that’s made all the more apparent when we come across awesome looking offerings like this Bowlus Road Chief Trailer. Made for unforgettable road trips where you often just want to see where the road will take you, this Bowlus Road Chief Trailer is inspired by endless highways and it is the ultimate luxury aluminium travel trailer for those who crave it all.

The Bowlus Road Chief Trailer boasts high tech design which has been further enhanced by more than two dozen luxurious and exclusive features and accessories that you seldom see in trailers built for the road. It really is a majestic manifestation of freedom, technology, and design, and this breathtaking trailer guarantees that your adventures are only as limited as your imagination.

Luxury Throughout

With a price tag of $185,000, the Bowlus Road Chief Trailer is certainly an investment but when you consider just how luxurious it is and the calibre of road trip it will compel, this will definitely be money well spent. It is capable of sleeping four people comfortably and offers the ultimate in privacy courtesy of the reflective armour which provides both solace and solitude. No matter where you’re headed, you know your privacy is respected and your information is secured. It has a signature door system that ensures total privacy within the Road Chief, as well and the bedroom, bathroom and main cabin can become their own separate spaces.

Giving you complete control over your road trip adventures, the Bowlus Road Chief Trailer has the most powerful lithium iron phosphate power system on the market which allows you to spend a full week off grid while running the microwave and all outlets. You can run the A/C for up to four hours off grid. It is is light enough for almost any crossover or SUV, and even electric vehicles like the Tesla X.

The Bowlus Road Chief Trailer has a spacious, Zen-like bedroom which can be effortlessly converted from two twins to an incredible king size room so you can accommodate all your travel companions or live it up in king sized luxury depending on how you’re travelling. The hotel-style en suite bathroom will make heading to any event a five-star experience. The main cabin has dining space for four people so you can even do a spot of entertaining in the Road Chief if you want to.

Decisions, Decisions

The interior of the Bowlus Road Chief Trailer is available in two eye-catching standard colour schemes which take their design inspiration from Bowlus’ cross country adventures across the United States of America. These colour schemes include Wyoming Saddle and Windswept Sand and they both have a relaxed natural appeal which have been expertly complemented by earthy hues and tones.

Whilst $185k is clearly a large outlay, it’s not everyday you come across a trailer as aesthetically pleasing and versatile as the Bowlus Road Chief. For anyone who is serious about their road trips and wants the ultimate ally for every adventure you find yourself on, this really does have to be a prime candidate and we’d love to spend the summer exploring in one here at Coolector HQ.

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