Boxed by Tyrone Stoddart

Furniture design is a field in which creativity positively abounds but this piece from Scottish designer, Tyrone Stoddart, is one of the best and most creative that I’ve seen in a while, it’s fair to say.

Boxed is billed as multi-functional and adaptable piece of furniture and, as the wonderfully soundtracked video above admirably illustrates, is highly mobile via the painfully stylish carry case in which Boxed is housed. The high level of versatility of this brilliantly conceived piece of furniture means that it is equally as home as a coffee table as it is as a work desk and the options really are limitless as to how you choose to use this fantastic piece of designer furniture.

Each part of Boxed can be collapsed back down to its most basic form in order to ensure its portability but Stoddart didn’t just want to create a highly striking and functional piece of furniture, he also wanted to educate the end user about materials used in construction and how Ash wood in particular is falling foul of disease called ash dieback which is wiping out trees all over the country. Each Boxed comes with a bag of Ash seeds so the user can’t plant this highly versatile variety of tree and battle the ash dieback pandemic.

Stoddart as a designer takes a lot of his inspiration from one of the most iconic designers of the 20th century, Charles Eames, a designer we have a lot of time for here at The Coolector, so he’s immediately in our good books with the superbly thought out and functional Boxed product. ¬†Check out a few images of Boxed and Stoddart in action below:


Feast your eyes on this excellent project over at Tyrone Stoddart Art.

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