Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

We’ll be the first to admit here at Coolector HQ that the Eastern European country of Georgia is, perhaps, not sitting too highly on our list of essential travel destinations but this might well be folly on our part because we are missing out on genuinely extraordinary looking hotels like the stunning Rooms Hotel Tbilisi.

Boutique, quirky and unique hotels are definitely our cup of tea at The Coolector and this Rooms Hotel in the Georgian city (or, more accurately, on the outskirts of) of Tbilisi offers exactly the sort of super cool aesthetics that we’ve come to demand and expect of the hotels which we typically frequent. The amazing interior design endeavours which have gone into kitting out the Rooms Hotel needs to be applauded and it is made all the more breathtaking considering the rooms come in at under £100 a night.

Situated in the spectacular Kazbegi region of Georgia, with eye-catching rolling mountains in the background, we can think of few more idyllic spots than this and it just goes to show the calibre of hotel you can find when you think outside your travel box a little. Check out a few more shots below:









Luxurious in the extreme and wonderfully well appointed, this Georgian gem is definitely the sort of place we look to stay here at Coolector HQ and the fact it is nestled in the magnificent Caucasus Mountains in Georgia and if you’re looking for new European adventures this summer, you’re unlikely to find many classier places than this wonderful looking Rooms Hotel in gorgeous Georgia.

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