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We’re always itching to take short weekend breaks here at Coolector HQ and, given this proclivity, we perhaps have an unusually high interest in rucksacks, duffel bags and the other assorted accessories that are part and parcel of short breaks away. It is for that reason that we stumbled across a superb brand by the name of Bradley Mountain and their truly excellent array of bags and accessories.

Bradley Mountain were founded by a chap by the name of Tyler Axtell who has a love of craftsmanship and the traditional methods used by artisans and this is something that is reflected in each of the products that fall under Bradley Mountain’s mightily impressive umbrella of goods. It is their bags in particular which have caught our eye at The Coolector and with both the duffel and rucksack available in various different guises, you are sure to find one that matches your requirements.

Their hand made bags are suitably rustic looking and offer the sort of storage versatility that is essential for carries of this nature. Made using the finest materials and made in the USA, the bags from Bradley Mountains are both striking and supremely functional and we dare say they’d make the perfect choice for those who like to make regular short trips and weekend breaks. Check out a few of our favourite bags from Bradley Mountains below:







Sophisticated and brilliantly crafted, the bags from Bradley Mountain have ticked all our aesthetic boxes at The Coolector and there’s no doubting that they will serve their purpose wonderfully well. We always on the lookout for awesome American outdoor accessories brands and Bradley Mountain is definitely that and their bags in particular have left us thoroughly impressed. Stylish in the extreme and offering all the possible requirements you can demand from a weekend carry, we will be sure to adding one of these cracking bags to our collection in 2015.

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