Breaking Bad Chess Set


If you’re a fan of chess and Breaking Bad then you’re in luck because we’ve come across a wonderful mixture of the two in the form of this mightily impressive looking Breaking Bad Chess Set. The pieces in this excellent nod to the brilliance of the Bryan Cranston starring series are based on the opposing characters of seasons one and two of the hit show and, safe to say, we here at The Coolector are itching to get our hands on one of these sets.

The set is the work of Known Unknown Design and each of the characters has been drawn by hand and the custom design of the board is based on the periodic table which is another great twist to the regular chess set. The pieces – which include the obvious choices like Walter White and Jesse – will make for a highly enjoyable chess experience for those who have a love of the tactical pursuit. Take a look at a few more shots of this tip top Breaking Bad Chess Set below:





We, like most, deeply miss Breaking Bad and will forever keep on looking for great items that celebrate the unparalleled brilliance of the show – something that this cracking chess set surely does.

Price: $85

Available: Etsy

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