Breaking Bad Choose Your Own Adventure Books

With Breaking Bad now having drawn to a close, it has left a gaping hole in many people’s lives (not to mention TV schedules) so it’s only natural that people look for things to soften the blow of no more Walter White in their lives. Well, we here at The Coolector can think of few better candidates for the job than these awesome Breaking Bad Choose Your Own Adventure Books

…slow your roll, however, before you get too excited because this excellent idea is still very much in its formative stages and, lamentably, is not yet something that you can purchase. In actuality, they are just concept cover designs by Jon Defreest on behalf of Vulture. Safe to say, we’d love the opportunity to choose new paths for Walter, Jesse et al and used to read exactly these types of books in our youth where we, almost without fail, would make the morally ambiguous and incorrect choice that would end in our demise. I can’t help but think almost¬†every choice that you were to make in a Breaking Bad Choose Your Own Adventure Book would likely lead to some sort of abomination for the lead character.

We here at Coolector HQ have definitely got our fingers crossed that these appealing looking books make it to market.

See more about this great idea over at Vulture.

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