Evolution of the Luxury Watch

The Watch Gallery infographic

We love a good luxury watch here at The Coolector and we’re also rather partial to the odd infographic every now and then too – so, we were understandably delighted when these two passions met in the form of this excellent little infographic from London based luxury timepiece purveyors, The Watch Gallery.

We’re well aware that the vast majority of luxury watches on the market have got pretty illustrious histories and over a century of watchmaking tradition under their belts but it’s quite illuminating to track the emergence of the different luxury watches on the market – such as Breitling, IWC and Rolex – and seeing exactly where they sit in the heritage soaked history of the horological industry. As it transpires, it is Blancpain who have the claim to being the oldest luxury watch brand on the market, having originally been founded in 1735, which makes them well over 200 years old, which certainly deserves a tip of the cap from The Coolector, as Blancpain are still going strong to this day.

This top notch infographic charts the history of watches and reveals the key dates which revolutionised the industry – such as the first stopwatch, the first wristwatch in outer space and the first electronic wristwatch. It’s always interested to get a deeper understanding of something that you appreciate and luxury watches are definitely one of our favourite things at Coolector HQ, so this infographic definitely made an interesting read for us – check out the full version below:



See more about this Evolution of the Luxury Watch infographic at The Watch Gallery Magazine.

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