Breaking Bad iPhone Cases

It is probably quite apparent that we are finding it difficult to let go of Breaking Bad here at Coolector HQ given the frequency with which we find an excuse to write about it but we’re not sorry. The latest wares affiliated with Breaking Bad to have caught our eye are the stylised iPhone covers from Casetagram that will add a touch of Breaking Bad awesomeness to your smartphone.

Casetagram is a company (and app) that lets you turn your own Instagram and Facebook photos into phone covers but it is their pre-existing Breaking Bad set that are undoubtedly our favourite here at The Coolector and if you’re of a similar Walter White and Jesse Pinkman persuasion as us then they’ll likely be your favourite too.

We don’t often use cases for our smartphones here at Coolector HQ but if there’s anything that’s going to buck this trend for us, it’s patently going to be something pertaining to Breaking Bad so these covers from Casetagram are in with a very good shout.

Available: Casetagram

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