Breezeway by Tiny Heirloom

It is abundantly clear that for most young people today, getting on the property ladder is something that is considerably easier said than done and that’s why a little outside of the box thinking is often required. There has been a massive surge in popularity of late for so-called Tiny Homes and it’s because of incredible pieces of design like the Breezeway from Tiny Heirloom that they are being welcomed with open arms.

The Breezeway by Tiny Heirloom, a family run tiny home design team, is one of the best examples of this sort of property we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ and the classy finish and surprisingly spacious interior really does make it a space in which one can really relax and unwind and, if you locate it in suitably glorious surroundings, there really could be few better places in which to spend one’s time.

Small But Perfectly Formed

Famed for their capacity for delivering exemplary tiny houses on wheels, Oregon based Tiny Heirloom really have excelled themselves with the spectacular looking Breezeway Tiny Home. This magnificent piece of design has been carefully designed to be the ultimate in socialising spots and not just a holiday retreat or hideaway. This has been achieved through the clever use of space and abundance of neat design touches geared towards making it a truly social space for friends and family.

The Breezeway from Tiny Heirloom consists of a modern cabin which has, somewhat excellently, been kitted out with a wet bar and a large garage-door wall which will open up completely in order to make more space for your guests. It is crafted upon a 30-foot-long triple-axle trailer, which means that it can be towed more or less anywhere you’d like. It has been clad in a combination of standing seam recycled steel and tight knot tongue and groove cedar to deliver an unparalleled visual appeal. This is topped off with a stunning butterfly roof which ensures a stylish, elegant look with a touch of rustic charm.

With a really contemporary nature to the interior design of the Breezeway from Tiny Heirloom, this is the sort of entertainment space that will really resonate with those with a love of all things modern and sophisticated. It leaves enough space on the inside for entertaining but also ensures that it has all the fixtures and fittings that you’ll need when you’re using the property as a holiday retreat as well. There is plenty of space for ample seating and a table and the structure has two main doors: a regular wooden door and a large garage-style door, which opens up the interior and provides for a ace indoor/outdoor party space.

Food Thoughts

Needless to say, any space that is geared towards entertaining is going to need a well thought out kitchen space and, we’re glad to report, the Breezeway from Tiny Heirloom doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a spacious kitchen which has full-size appliances which can be used to cook up a storm when entertaining large groups. At the heart of the area is the aforementioned wet bar with a large seating area.

The sleeping loft of the Breezeway, which is big enough for a queen-sized bed, is accessed via ladder and has a skylight which bathes the space with natural light. You’ll also find a TV mounted on a swivel which is connected to a BOSE sound system and it can be viewed from either the bedroom or kitchen. If it’s an entertainment orientated tiny home that you’re after in 2018, look no further than the Breezeway.

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