Brett Fahlgren Ties

Brett Falhgren Ties

Ties are one of the finest indicators of the style of a man and, should an individual be wearing a particularly dapper tie, you can feel fairly assured that the chap is of good stock. And if you see someone wearing one of these truly fantastic Bret Fahlgren ties then you know that you are probably in the presence of sartorial greatness.

These superbly stylish ties are the brain-child of Brooklyn men’s style specialist, Brett Fahlgren, and they have already found plenty of favour all over the States for their exemplary design and top-class craftsmanship. All of these painfully stylish Fahlgren ties are handmade in the USA and their excellent website boasts offerings for both winter and summer fashion aficionados.

Working for GQ as their executive merchandising stylist has certainly given Fahlgren an eye for exactly the sort of style of tie that looks great in today’s world of fashion and his exceptional collection boasts some brilliantly monikered neckpieces including the wonderfully striking Redford series of ties. Let’s take a look at some of the timelessly stylish ties to make up Fahlgren’s range below:


Take a look through these ties over at Fahlgren Ties.

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