Brew Watch Company HP1 Watch

A watch should speak volumes about the owner’s style and mindset and if you’re a bold, outgoing individual that likes to make a statement with your choice of timepiece then the excellent looking HP1 Watch from Brew Watch Company could well be the ideal accessory for you. This great looking timepiece from one of our favourite modern watchmakers here at Coolector HQ boasts a traditional style design which has a 38mm dial with a unique high dome sapphire crystal glass that immediately draws the eye.

Brew Watch Co are the brainchild of industrial designer, Jonathan Ferrer, and were established as recently as 2015 but they’ve already got an impressive back catalogue of timepieces to be enjoyed – to which the Brew Watch Company HP1 Watch can certainly be added. The bold, uncompromising design of this timepiece makes it a real stand out accessory and it gravitates away from the myriad minimalist watches that are flooding the marketplace as we speak.

Time to Shine

Impressively priced at just $495 the Brew Watch Co HP1 Watch comes in three different colours – namely, Steel Proto, DarkBrew and Rosegold Joy – so you can take your pick of the one that works best for your own unique sense of style. These fantastic looking watches have a case design which boasts radial brushing along the top surface and bezel, and horizontal brushing along the mid-case – this is a pleasing aesthetic touch which helps to set these glorious timepiece apart from the competition.

The case in profile of the Brew Watch Company HP1 Watch is carefully segmented into 3-layers of the bezel, mid-case, and caseback. The diversity of brushing details really does bring each component layer to life and delivers an overall sense of quality and consideration that is rare for a sub-$500 timepiece. It will serve as a comfortable and stylish addition to any wrist and the HP1 Watch has a robust 316L stainless steel brushed bracelet, paired with a butterfly deployant buckle.

One of the first things you’ll likely notice when you get the Brew Watch Co HP1 Watch on your wrist is how the sapphire crystal has a remarkable way of gathering light and producing a halo glow effect around the crystal edge of the watch itself which makes it impossible to take your eyes off. The watch is powered by a Seiko NH35A movement and has a +41 hour power reserve. It has been designed and built to last the test of time and any adventure you take it on. The movement is visible through the unique porthole opening on the caseback where the balance wheel can be witnessed in constant motion – something which adds a touch of class to proceedings.

Vintage Vibes

There is a distinct retro style feel to the HP1 Watch from Brew Watch Co and it has second and minute hands which follow the same contour as the dome dial ever so slightly. In addition to this, the dial has even more muted details that make the wearer look closer whenever they glance at the time. Etched minute markers run from 10H-12H and resemble the “high pressure region” which has taken its design inspiration from industrial espresso machines.

If you’re after a top quality timepiece for your wrist and have a budget around the $500 mark, we’re sure you’ll struggle to find many much cooler than the HP1 Watch from Brew Watch Co. Stylish, well crafted and boasting some mighty impressive components and specifications, it’s hard to believe all this can be yours for such an agreeable price tag.

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