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Let’s face it, when we’re thinking of cool stuff to write about here at Coolector HQ, it’s not often that bricks will enter our train of thought but when you actually stop and think about it and actually look at the history and heritage of this humble building block, you’ll see that there is an awful lot of cool to be uncovered. As if to showcase this very point, we present to you this rather unassuming looking tome by the name of the Brick Index which is essentially a collection of named bricks and the unseen makers marks stamped by brickworks from across the UK.

The Brick Index is a piece of work from CentreCentre who create limited edition books from unexpected collections, projects and archives. They work from the outside in, and aim to shine light on the invisible seen and the forgotten found. They believe in taking inspiration from the mundane and the overlooked and that’s something which makes their projects, such as this Brick Index, all the more interesting in our opinion here at The Coolector.

Pick a Brick

Needless to say, bricks aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s actually remarkable to see the amount of detail that once went into their creation and how they literally formed the foundations for some of our most majestic buildings. The Brick Index is available for just £20 and it will be a great coffee table book which will promote discussion and educate plenty of people on just how ornate and interesting bricks and brickwork can be.

The Brick Index (£20) aims to celebrate the beauty and importance of the humble brick, and relishes the stunning textures, colours and graphics which have been debossed into their so-called ‘frogs’. The book features some 155 photographed bricks, which have been printed at actual size to add a touch of realism to proceedings. In addition, the Brick Index also has an introduction from David Kitching, who is a brick historian and an essay from Professor Rick Poynor.

Each image of brickwork within the Brick Index from CentreCentre is accompanied by an index that states the time, place and maker of each brick. Whilst this might not sound immediately interesting to many, it gives a compelling insight into the history of brick making and the skill that once went into this profession. There are some highly striking and intricately designed bricks showcased in this top notch coffee table book and for anyone with an interest in design, architecture and the like, it will make for a fantastic gift.

Limited in Nature

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen with this Cosmo Kramer-esque coffee table book, you’ll need to move quickly because only 700 copies of the Brick Index are bing made available to buy. A real celebration of bricks and mortar, this eye-catching book delves into the history and importance of brickwork and coincides it with some great images of the most visually impressive bricks that have been used in the crafting of property.

We love interesting design and architecture here at The Coolector and this Brick Index book helps to put a whole new spin on the importance of the most integral part of any building – the bricks. If you’re after some new coffee table books in 2019, this would be close to the top of the list in our opinion and with only 700 copies available, make sure you don’t miss out.

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