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With the summer holiday season fast approaching, most chaps will now be turning their attention to the bags, holdalls and rucksacks that will be travelling on the plane with them to far-flung locations. Well, sirs, let us direct your attention to a brand which we hitherto hadn’t heard of but which offer a fantastic selection of carries that will fit the bill this summer. The brand in question goes by the name of Brixton and they herald from Oceanside, California.

Whilst they don’t have dozens of different bags to choose from, instead focusing on doing the bags they do have well, Brixton have definitely caught our eye with their spiffing selection of wares. Needless to say, they don’t just offer bags but it is these that grabbed our attention given the impending summer holidays and, as you can see from the shot above, their carries are both striking in appearance and functional in design.

Brixton as a brand claim to be inspired by music, culture and the people around them so, in this respect, they must surround themselves with pretty awesome people if their finished products are anything to go by. Founded in 2004 and with a dedication to providing the best goods possible, crafted from the highest quality materials, they are certainly plenty to admire with Brixton goods and you can take a look at a few of their bags in more detail below:

Brixton Bags sp14-prod-basin-02 sp14-prod-bixby-01 sp14-prod-stray-01

Not unnecessarily flashy, these great looking carries from Brixton have found favour with us at Coolector HQ and if you’re equally as enamoured by well-made, stylish and functional goods, you’ll likely find plenty to suit your tastes over at Brixton. Their bags are the perfect ally for your carry-on for any plane journeys this summer and they boast a resilience and dapper appearance that will most likely make them your bag of choice long after you return from your travels.

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