Keeping fit at home has become a priority for most given the lack of gym access over the last 12 months and finding new ways of achieving your fitness objectives is essential in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Enter the awesome looking and highly versatile BRRRN Board which will give you a new and engaging means of staying on top of your health and fitness endeavours in 2021.

The BRRRN Board comes in 5ft and 6ft (adjustable) iterations and these are priced at $229 and $299 respectively which is a small price to pay for such an excellent method of keeping fit at home – or out and about such is the portability of the board. This low tech and low impact offering provides a low-impact cardio and total body sculpting experience that’s will be easy on your joints and your electricity bill as well. Win, win.

Simple & Effective Exercise

The slide board style of the BRRRN Board makes it an easy and effective form of cardio exercise and for half a century, slide boards have been used as a trusted training tool for Collegiate, Professional, and Olympic competition which means that it will offer a great and fun way of keeping fit in 2021 and beyond.

These BRRRN Boards (from $229) are versatile, lightweight, minimalist, and chic. Small and perfectly formed, it will easily fit into any space and routine. It really is so simple to get on board with BRRRN. Low impact, highly enjoyable, the BRRRN board is an first-class way to slide right into your fitness goals this year.

You can pair it with BRRRN’s at-home, on-demand subscription with hundreds of workouts to really amp things up and build up your fitness goals day by day, week by week. Each board comes with one Pair of Slide Mittens, one Pair of Regular Slide Boots, one pack of ArmorAll Board Wipes and BRRRN offer free Shipping to contiguous 48 States.

Great Value for Money

The BRRRN Board doesn’t replace quality for affordability and delivers both in spades. They provide a premium, eco-friendly slideboard which has been designed in the USA. Better still, with BRRRN At-Home, they also make sure you know how to use it to achieve the maximum results in terms of your health and fitness.

With prices starting at $229, you’ll not have to break the bank to find a fun and effective means of ramping up your fitness goals in 2021. BRRRN have partnered with USA-based manufacturers to craft a premium, eco-friendly slideboard that we’re loving here at The Coolector and, for anyone wanting to add a fun new fitness regimen this year, look no further.

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