Brydge iTrack

Having a sleek looking, minimalist workspace is a great catalyst for productivity in our opinion here at The Coolector and so far as the tech in your workspace goes, you’ll not find many items sleeker than the Brydge iTrack. This classy looking device will effortlessly enhance the minimalist vibe of your desktop and this Multi-Touch Trackpad uses Bluetooth® Wireless Technology with Instant-On™ Connectivity that ensures it’s always ready to go when you are.

The Brydge iTrack is available for $99.99 and this independent desktop trackpad for iPadOS has a really stylish and stealthy aesthetic that is sure to resonate with those working in the creative industries. It brings increased functionality and productivity to your iPad and you’ll be left highly impressed with its intuitive and innovative design and performance. This premium standalone trackpad is ideally suited to those looking to get the most out of iPadOS.

High-Quality Performance

The Brydge iTrack boasts a substantial touch area of 5.5 in x 3.3 in (139.7 mm x 83.8 mm), which means the iTrack allows you to use your iPad effectively in a desktop environment. With this small but perfectly formed device from Brydge, navigating even the most complex workflows has never been straightforward. The iTrack natively integrates with iPadOS, which will alllow you to use all of the multi-touch features you’re used to with the iPad but in a much more user-friendly way.

With the Brydge iTrack ($99.99) you can easily work within spreadsheets, select text, switch between apps and more, all from your trackpad, without having to tackle the often fiddly controls associated with trying to do work on your iPad. Even if you have an older generation iPad or a keyboard without a trackpad, the new iTrack is designed to work seamlessly along with any other keyboard or accessory, complementing all workflows.

Sensors within the Brydge iTrack detect subtle pressure differences that are applied and allow you to click accurately. Tapping, scrolling and swiping has never been more effortlessly than with this clever little device. With this, you can tap into the full capabilities of iPadOS, creating a desktop environment that works best for you and Bluetooth® lag is no longer an issue. Reconnecting no longer takes seconds and this major advancement instantly connects the iTrack to the iPad for up to 4 hours, providing seamless connectivity.

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