Buckshot Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portability is a must when finding a speaker that is suitable for the great outdoors but so too is ruggedness and that’s why we think we’ve found one of the best of the bunch in the form of this fantastic looking Buckshot Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Outdoor Tech.

There is more to the Buckshot Pro than meets the eye and it is not merely a means by which to listen to your tunes when getting to grips with nature. No, sir, it’s good a good deal more functionality than that and also doubles as a torch in any nature based binds you might find yourself in. With a rugged, shock resistant and ergonomic design, the Buckshot Pro will deal with anything you throw at it and it has a 10hr rechargeable play time and a USB port for charging your other gadgetry to boot. Check out some more shots below:








Whenever you find yourself camping and in need of tunes that are delivered expertly via a device that won’t let you down from a performance or aesthetic point of view, it’s fair to say you needn’t look any further than Outdoor Tech’s ace looking Buckshot Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker. A great little outdoor accessory that will drastically enhance the time spent in the great outdoors this summer.

Price: $79.95

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