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Technology is a fickle mistress insomuch as it often promises a lot but delivers little which is why it is always important to take crowd funded gadgets a little more cautiously than the norm but when said project is as awesome looking as these Buhel Soundglasses, it is pretty difficult not to get excited and judging by the fact that they’ve already reached double their funding target, it would appear that we’re not the only ones excited about this project.

Permit us to explain our excitement – the Buhel Soundglasses are a mightily impressive looking bit of kit which boasts BCT (Bone Conduction Technology to you and I) which essentially means that they relay music to you via bone conduction and not through the traditional method of headphones that most will use – and one of the chief benefits of this is increased safety as you will have heightened awareness when your ears are not obstructed by earphones.

The Buhel Sounglasses are high tech sunglasses that enable hands free communications as they will connect to any smart device via Bluetooth and the stunning design incorporates a cutting-edge bidirectional microphone is integrated into the bridge of the sunglasses, assuring that the transmission is clear and not disturbed by wind or other sounds. The video and shots below will most likely do a better job of explaining how these technologically superior sunglasses operate:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/hbl0B2NNY0o[/youtube]

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If you’re after some sunglasses that are a cut above and deliver a performance that other glasses can only dream of then these Buhel Soundglasses will be just the ticket. Compatible with iPhone, Android and the vast majority of Bluetooth devices, these brilliantly conceived and designed sunglasses could just revolutionise the way people interact with their smart devices and the fact that they look great and can ramp up personal safety is the icing on the kick. There is still plenty of time to show your support for the Buhel Soundglasses over on Kickstarter if you’ve liked what you’ve seen of this exceptional piece of gadgetry.

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