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When considering what elements should make up your everyday carry, we here at Coolector HQ are in little doubt that a classy, well made journal should unquestionably be one of the cornerstones of said EDC. Well, if you’re of a similar mindset, you’re in luck. The guys at American design studio, Bull & Stash, boast one of the most impressive and decidedly dapper collections of journals for all your note taking and flashes of inspiration.

Bull & Stash are a brand after our own hearts here at Coolector HQ and have the firm belief that people’s thoughts are one of the most valuable things you own. They see it as their mission to provide you a place worthy of keeping those thoughts and inspire the decisions you make along the way. Enter these superb looking Bull & Stash Leather Journals which, quite frankly, are going to elevate the classiness of your EDC considerably and boast a wonderfully stylish aesthetic to go along with their impeccable functionality.

Choose Your Style

In the midst of a mission to bring value back to individual thought, Bull & Stash are beginning to really make a name for themselves in the accessories and EDC arena and it’s courtesy of the tangible quality of their leather journals. They aim to deliver products which thoroughly embrace the pursuit of ideas and encourage thinking about what is possible beyond the obvious. Taking inspiration from the belief that our thoughts lead our actions, Bull & Stash are firm advocates of a smart, deliberate, and authentic approach to life and this is something that shines through in their exemplary leather journals.

You can take your pick of different styles of Bull & Stash Leather Journals to match your tastes and EDC requirements. They have the understated classic, Market Journal ($44.95), which was designed and crafted for those lives spent on the go, made to fit in a back pocket or bag. They have the impeccable looking Leonard Journal ($79.95) which was designed as a day-in-day-out EDC staple which boasts interior pockets big enough to hold a small tablet, business card slots, magnetic closure, and a place to carry your pen. Last but not least, there is the Allison Portfolio ($139.95) which is the brand’s take on what a trumpet was to Miles Davis or a paintbrush to Frida Kahlo. It comes in a classic legal pad format and has two interior pockets capable of keeping the same amount of stationery as the Leonard.

The first thing you’ll notice when you get a Bull & Stash notebook in your hands is the unparalleled sense of quality. They truly endeavour to make the last notebook you’ll need, or want. Each one is crafted to last for life and made to always be by your side when good ideas come to life. Bull & Stash don’t make another notebook that is just going to sit unused on your bookshelf, they make one refillable notebook— which has carefully designed pen slots and interior pockets— which are crafted from the finest materials in the world to wear with you over a lifetime and, like you, get better with age.

Refillable, Reliable & Aesthetically Superior

You’re much more likely to carry a journal or notebook if they look as fantastic as these ones from Bull & Stash and we’re big advocates of their small batch production style which focuses on delivering excellent products in small quantities rather than mass producing lower quality wares. If you’re seeking out the ultimate in EDC to get your creative juices flowing, these Bull & Stash Notebooks certainly get our vote here at Coolector HQ.

With prices starting at just $44.95 (for the Market Journal), going up to $139.95 (for the Allison Portfolio), there really is something for every budget and style persuasion with the superb goods from Bull & Stash. Available in a number of different colourways and finishes, the quality of these journals really is second to none and the minute you get your hands on one, it will become a mainstay of your EDC line up.

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