Bully Boy Distillery

We’ve been on a few distillery tours in our time here at Coolector HQ and whilst spirits are not always our cup of tea, we love the whole process of how they are made and when we do feel the need to dabble in the strong stuff, we invariably gravitate towards brilliantly branded companies and that’s why our heads have been turned by the cracking looking spirits from Bully Boy Distillery in Boston, Massachusetts.

Though we’re far from manly enough to drink our spirits straight for the most part at The Coolector, we do appreciate the multitude of spirits on the market and Bully Boy Distillery boast a myriad of spirits for eager imbibers this Christmas. Of particular interest is their Hub Punch offering which is inspired by the original 1800’s Hub Punch recipes but if you prefer your spirits a touch more conventional Bully Boy also offer white rum, white whisky and Boston Rum, so you’re sure to find something that is suitable for your taste buds. Check out a few more shots of the delicious looking drops from Bully Boy Distillery below:





If you’re a big fan of your booze you will likely already be casting envious glances in the direction of the Bully Boy Distillery and they’ve definitely got some mightily impressive looking tipples to be enjoyed. Whilst we make no attempts to hide our love of craft ales here at Coolector HQ, we do occasionally move onto whiskeys and rums and we’ve not seen many that are better looking than this from Bully Boy.

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