Burnt Furniture

Finding the right furniture is something that all homeowners will have to do from time to time and it can be somewhat of a minefield truth be told to get pieces that suit your own tastes and the interior design aesthetic that you’re going for. If you’re the type that prefers to be a shepherd than a sheep then this great looking concept design from Alejandro Cantu called Burnt Furniture will be right up your street.


With an aesthetic aimed to replicate burnt wood, these mighty impressive pieces of design from Alejandro Cantu may not be to everyone’s tastes but this sort of quirky, eclectic furniture is definitely what we favour here at Coolector HQ.

Good Wood

Clever design and striking visuals are what really set these great looking pieces of furniture from Alejandro Cantu apart and the expert way in which they have managed to capture the look of burnt wood without compromising the integrity of their performance is superb.



Alejandro Cantu is an industrial designer from Monterrey in Mexico and this is the first time we’ve come across his talents here at The Coolector. His Burnt Furniture collection is a series of small stools and furniture which would add a superb visual lift to any room in which you deploy them and it’s such a clever design idea that we’re surprised we’ve not encountered it before.


Boasting fantastic looking gradients in the design process, Burnt Furniture from Alejandro Cantu is a striking and super cool looking addition to any furniture collection and though it is currently only a concept piece of design that isn’t commercially available, we’re hoping that it becomes popular and available to buy.

Design On Fire

It’s hard not to be impressed when someone comes along that pushes furniture design aesthetics in new directions and that’s certainly something which can be applied to Alejandro Cantu and his first rate Burnt Furniture collection. Wonderfully conceived and executed, it boasts an unparalleled visual impact and along with great functionality makes for a great addition to any property.


Burnt Furniture is definitely the sort of design we’ve got a soft spot for here at Coolector HQ and we’ve got our fingers crossed that it becomes commercially available sooner rather than later.

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