MTM Special Ops Status Watch

We’re not going to lie, there is something about the aesthetic of military style watches that we gravitate towards here at Coolector HQ and when you find a watchmaker as accomplished as MTM Special Ops are in this arena, you’re inevitably going to be more than a little excited when they announce what might just be their game changing watch. Say hello to the MTM Special Ops Status Watch – the brand’s first smartwatch and, quite possibly, our new favourite timepiece here at Coolector HQ.

Los Angeles based MTM Special Ops have been creating first class military style watches for over a quarter of a century now and this is their first foray into the world of smartwatches and, as you can see, they have well and truly hit a home run right off the bat from the looks of it. Offering the best of both worlds, the MTM Special Ops Status Watch offers a groundbreaking performance with unparalleled aesthetics and this is a robust, tactical smartwatch with analog hands that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Military Precision Meets Contemporary Performance

There is a lot to love about the MTM Special Ops Status Watch, not least how it really does manage to commingle the best of both worlds with the analog aesthetic combining with the contemporary smart features that you’d expect from a 21st century timepiece. This magnificent looking accessory was created from MTM Special Ops’ mindset that digital watches offer extra functions, but digital timekeeping often gives rise to unnecessary stress. They are only too aware that tactical watch aficionados demand a tangible, weighty accessory on their wrist but don’t necessarily want to be constantly looking at a digital display and MTM have come up with the ideal solution in the shape of the Status Watch.

With the Status Watch from MTM Special Ops you really are getting a timepiece built for any adventure that you have afoot and one of the coolest looking watches on the market. The watchmaker married their desire to create their first smartwatch with the knowledge that most tactical timepiece loving individuals will still want to see hands moving around the dial so this was something incorporated into the design of the Status smartwatch. For example, Professional divers will hardly ever wear digital displays, because they have to visually see how much time they have left to surface. It is this same aesthetic that is required in a tactical smartwatch so that’s exactly what MTM have delivered with the Status watch.

Though the visual of the Status is decidedly analog in nature, this belies what’s going on under the hood. It actually boasts an understated and stealthy digital information panel which is the Los Angeles watchmaker’s first-ever rock solid black dial and we’re loving its bold, uncompromising look and feel here at Coolector HQ. The first thing you’ll likely notice is the undoubtedly large 46-millimeter watch case but this lets you take in much more than just the time. You’ll be able to enjoy features like traditional messages notifications and GPS locations right on the watch face.

App Enabled

The MTM Special Ops Status Watch comes with its own accompanying app which can be downloaded from any app store and is positively chock full of features to bring the best out of your new tactical accessory. For those truly adventurous in spirit, the traditional analog watch hands can be replaced with a superior all-terrain compass to make sure you always know where you’re headed and no adventure is too much.

This brilliantly designed, crafted and high-performing smartwatch also has a supremely sophisticated and eye-catching stainless steel bracelet which effortlessly integrates into the 100-meter water-resistant, titanium watch case, where you’ll find a sapphire, anti-reflective and scratch-resistant crystal glass coating that enhances the robustness of this already mighty hard wearing smartwatch. Designed to work with all IOS or Android Smartphones, the MTM Special Ops Status is the perfect smartwatch for those who want a conventional looking timepiece with the added bonus of the most important smart features and it gets two thumbs up from us at Coolector HQ.

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