ByBLVD Drawstring Backpack

When heading out on adventures or to the beach for the day, chances are you’re going to want a lightweight, functional carry that delivers in the storage department, looks cool and is suitable for day to day use as well and you’ll get all that and more with this Kickstarter campaign by the name of the ByBLVD Drawstring Backpack.

Described as a contemporary, everyday feature-packed drawstring backpack, lets you roam fearlessly, free and far safe in the knowledge that your carry has got your back. The ByBLVD Drawstring Backpack has been cleverly designed to deliver comfort, security and a versatile solution to your day to day needs so anyone who is in the market for a supremely useful, well made backpack that is built for adventure, this is sure to tick plenty of the right boxes.

Innovative Design Features

Drawstring bags are famed for their convenience and versatility but with this ByBLVD Drawstring Backpack you’re also getting one with no shortage of style as well. The main differentiator of this offering compared to other drawstring bags is the fact it comes with comfortable shoulder pads and ropes which means you’ll spend less time fiddling with the strings and more time enjoying wilderness adventures.

Each ByBLVD Drawstring Backpack comes with a multitude of features which makes sure it’s not just the world’s most comfortable drawstring but also delivered unparalleled functionality at the same time. For anyone that spends a lot of time seeking adventures and enjoying the great outdoors, this first class backpack might just be your ideal ally in ensuring you can take all your essentials with you without jeopardising your comfort.

With this well thought out carry, with an emphasis on comfort, you’ll get a drawstring backpack that is immeasurably more functional than most others out there and some of the most eye-catching features it boasts include a steel, reinforced lockable strap, an industrial water repellant coating for all weather conditions, an exterior USB charging port, a hidden exterior pocket with water-resistant access zippers and four interior pockets.

Simple & Effective Carry

Whenever not in use, the ByBLVD Drawstring Backpack is extremely easy to stow away and the integrated USB charging port located on bag exterior for on the go charging is a really cool feature that tech lovers are going to appreciate. Funding on Kickstarter as we speak, this top notch, functional and stylish carry by ByBLVD has certainly left us impressed here at Coolector HQ and if you’re drawn to adventure, this is the bag for you.

Well designed and superbly crafted, these brilliant backpacks from ByBLVD are going to be the ideal solution for all your adventure needs and requirements and for those of you after an extremely versatile new carry, there is still plenty of time to throw your support behind the project over on Kickstarter.

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