Cam Thanh A&A Villa

Vietnam is a country we fully intend on visiting sooner rather than later here at Coolector HQ and not least because of the incredible array of contemporary architecture that is popping up throughout the country. The latest piece to have caught our eye is the Cam Thanh A&A Villa from VRA Design which is located in the Hoi An region of the country and boasts one of the most eye-catching aesthetics you’re likely to encounter anywhere in 2020.

The Cam Thanh A&A Villa from VRA Design has only recently been completed and boasts some 450m² of living space which has all been carefully considered so as to work well for the lucky owners of this entirely breathtaking contemporary residence. It’s location in one of Vietnam’s most ancient cities is juxtaposed by its highly modern features both externally and internally and the Cam Thanh A&A Villa has been designed to  promote the cultural and natural values of the region.

Clever Contemporary Design

The look and feel of Cam Thanh A&A Villa has been heavily informed by the local plants that surround it. The architectural space of the property has been transformed from the native residential space. There are a wide array of materials used in the creation of this fantastic contemporary design and this really sets it apart in the world of modern design and architecture. The architects have strived to deliver a real uniqueness and newness to the home but it is still adapting to the local climate and plant life that surrounds it so the older it gets, the more in keeping with its surroundings it will look.

As Cam Thanh A&A Villa was designed to be really social space where the owners could entertain friends and family regularly, the architects set about designing the living spaces with this requirement in mind. The owners of the villa wanted to create a lasting impression for their guests who were staying here. The architects and owners were unanimous in their belief that the property must show the characteristics of local architecture, and there is a break in the form of the house to create a striking visual impact from the minute you arrive.

Located in a region of Vietnam famous for its coconut palm and nipa palm plant life, there is a pleasing nature-esque feel to this contemporary piece of architecture from VRA Design. Nipa palm forest tourism is a prominent activity in the region and coconut and nipa palm trees have become a symbol of the land. The architects behind this project took the shape of the leaves of the coconut and nipa palms as the starting point for special structural design of the residential property.

Inspired by Traditional Design

The layout of Cam Thanh A&A Villa was heavily influenced by those of the more traditional properties in the region. This was achieved by using some small garden spaces to effectively split the long house into three short blocks – an undertaking that would increase the effect of lighting and ventilation throughout the property in the same way they have been doing in this region of Vietnam for many years.

Structural elements of Cam Thanh A&A Villa are presented in rough concrete colours, and some of the brick walls retain the image of the material without plastering or painting which delivers a pleasing, almost industrial, aesthetic to proceedings. The interior of the property is understated and minimalist in nature to ensure a harmonious feel that is about as restful and relaxing as it gets.

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