Cambridge Audio Yoyo Portable Bluetooth Speaker

So far as sound quality is concerned, Cambridge Audio are one of the best in the business and if you’re in the market for a new audio solution this summer, look no further than the brand’s excellent Yoyo Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This impressive bit of kit is both highly compact and perfectly portable.

Behind the fabric of the Cambridge Audio Yoyo Portable Bluetooth Speaker (£129) it boasts a range of components that have been carefully selected for the most uncompromising and high quality performance you can fit into a speaker of this size. So, put simply, it may be small but the sound is anything but.

Classy, Compact Sound

The Cambridge Audio Yoyo Portable Bluetooth Speaker houses two full range drivers, a subwoofer and a passive bass radiator – which is an impressive amount of features for such a small device. This is what you can see round the back of the speaker and is how provides such a truly responsive, accurate bass to your audio listening experience.

Offering first class gesture control, the Cambridge Audio Yoyo Portable Bluetooth Speaker (£129) lets you swipe your hand across the panel from left to right for play right to left to pause without the need to actually press any buttons. As much as we love cherish our smartphones at Coolector HQ, the battery life often leaves a lot to be desired so it’s pleasing to see that Cambridge Audio have included a USB charging port so even when you’re not plugged into the mains you can top up your phone’s battery.

If a call comes in while you’re connected to the Yoyo, you can take the call from the speaker via the built in microphone and experience impeccable clarity and volume. And if the room happens to be full of people… well they can join in too. This top notch speaker packs up to 14 hours of portable battery life. So that’s a 14-hour party or 2 x 7-hour dinner parties or 7 x 2-hour movies.

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