Residence de l’Isle

Modern architecture will always capture our attention here at Coolector HQ and when it’s as eye-catching and well considered as Residence de l’Isle from Chevalier Morales Architectes, it’s hard not to be bowled over truth be told. This exemplary piece of design is located in Montreal, Canada, and the expansive build has some 580m² of living space with every inch offering style and purpose in spade.

Gloriously conceived, Residence de l’Isle from Chevalier Morales Architectes has been designed for a couple and their two children. It is a reinterpretation of Modern American Houses of the mid-20th century and this single-family home, can be found located on the banks of a river, in the northern suburbs of Montreal in Canada.

Contemporary Canadian Cool

Residence de l’Isle is hidden behind a row of tall, mature pine trees and its siting means that the existing natural vegetation can become an integral part of the overall build while also making the most of the excellent views out towards the water that runs parallel to the property.

By revisiting some fundamental architectural features of modernism in a contemporary manner, the geometry of the floor and ceilings with Residence de l’Isle and the integrated wooden furniture along with the masonry cladding have all been given a new lease of life. The garage, a symbol of a time when suburbia and automobiles were synonymous with progress, is directly integrated into the property, which itself is designed as a perfect 100-foot square.

The north-south axis of Residence de l’Isle allows the more relaxing spaces to remain more private, while the living spaces are spread out along the river, thereby delivering a link with the daily evolution of the surrounding landscape. The position of the garage ensures it possible to reduce the presence of the residence to the street, while still allowing for a clear axis that shows off the main entrance. A first class piece of modern architecture that really showcases the credentials of Chevalier Morales Architectes.

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