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We’re not going to lie, we’re pretty big craft beer fans here at Coolector HQ and, equally, love cute creatures like hedgehogs and want to see them thrive so were delighted to see the latest release from Camden Town Brewery’s latest release, Hells in Hibernation Lager, which coincides with the launch of their Hedgehog Pub, The Hibernation Arms. Available to purchase from the Camden Town Brewery webshop, The Hibernation Arms is a small but perfectly formed pub which has been purpose built for our prickly friends and will help them keep warm and dry during any harsh weather conditions.

The Hibernation Arms Hedgehog Pub from Camden Town Brewery is an imaginative and decidedly awesome way of adding a touch of craft beer class to your own back garden and helping out any hedgehogs seeking out a libation during the coming months. This ace little pub has a price tag of just £50 which is a small price to pay for keeping any hedgehogs safe and warm this winter and it has been made in partnership with British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

Home From Home

Pubs are like a home from home for us at The Coolector and if you’ve spotted some hedgehogs in your garden that look like they’d enjoy a pint or two, The Hibernation Arms Hedgehog Pub from Camden Town Brewery looks like a match made in heaven. This ace little bolt-hole has been released to celebrate the Hells in Hibernation Lager, which is the latest addition to Camden Town Brewery’s Seasonal Hells range. It’s fresh, crisp and unfiltered, brewed with Chinook and Apollo hops for a piney aroma and citrus bitterness.

Knowing that hibernation is increasingly difficult for British wildlife these days, Camden Town Brewery have released this brilliant garden accessory to give hedgehogs a helping hand. Things like The Hibernation Arms Hedgehog Pub (£50) have become a necessity because a change in their environment has seen animals such as hedgehogs arrive much later in the year, meaning they’re not able to eat enough to sleep through the cold winter months. And in urban areas, problems like a loss of habitat, dangerous roads and pesticide have all limited hedgehogs’ ability to find a safe space to hibernate in winter. Where better to retreat to than a pub in the winter?

Not only are Camden Town Brewery making The Hibernation Arms available to purchase for any homeowners who may have spotted some hedgehogs in their back garden, they are donating a portion of every can of Hells in Hibernation Lager sold towards helping hedgehogs hibernate this winter and that’s definitely we can get on board with here at Coolector HQ.

Great Little Watering Hole

The Hibernation Arms Hedgehog Pub isn’t just an ace looking, scaled down version of a pub (of course), it has been designed to optimise the chances of hedgehogs surviving the winter months. This hog-sized-hut delivers a safe space for hedgehogs to hibernate away from predators and other dangers and is the inspiration behind how you can help hogs (and hoglets!) find a place to sleep in during the winter and give birth in the summer.

If you’ve got a penchant for craft beer and helping out your little garden friends then the Hells in Hibernation Lager and The Hibernation Arms Hedgehog Pub will be right up your street. Make sure that the hedgehogs have an ace place to hang out this winter (and indeed all year round) with this superb release from the guys at Camden Town Brewery.

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