Camera Business Cards

Though we are not professional photographers here at Coolector HQ (far from it, in fact), I think I can say with some assurance that, if we ever do, inexplicably, end up in the photography game then we’ve definitely got our business cards sorted in the form of these, quite frankly rather awesome, Camera Business Cards from Spanish photographer and film maker, Juanjo Sagi.

Given our Patrick Bateman-esque preoccupation with business cards, this excellent project was always going to pique our curiosity at The Coolector and when its combined with creativity as tip top as that displayed by Sagi then its a definite two thumbs up from us. Business cards are still an integral part of the corporate world today and remain one of the most pivotal and engaging ways of getting yourself noticed and staying in the mind of a prospective client or business relation. So, when you’re handed a business card that looks awesome and is shaped like a camera and a plain, boring number, it’s blatant who you’re going to call when you’ve got a photography project – yep, the camera card all the way. Top notch stuff indeed.

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