Casa Z

We’ve noticed more and more of our favourite architectural projects of late are in Mexico and this is testament to the design talents of the studios that reside there. As if to prove this point, we present to you the stunning looking Casa Z on Mexico’s western coast from Zozaya Arquitectos. This magnificent structure boasts exceptional views of the Pacific Ocean and it is a masterclass in contemporary architecture.

The eye-catching nature of Casa Z from Zozaya Arquitectos is impossible to ignore and it is a holiday home in the Mexican beach town of Zihuatanejo. This amazing piece of design is located on a sloping plot that sits high above the small town, which is a popular tourist destination on Mexico’s Pacific coast as a result of its warm climate and expansive, relaxing beaches. Casa Z is a  understated house with welcoming social spaces where the homeowners can enjoy the panoramic views of the Pacific and the climate of the region.

Pacific Paradise

There is a natural stone wall which hides Casa Z away from the street and a bamboo exterior which is a striking addition to the aesthetics of this breathtaking holiday home. There are three narrow volumes which are stacked vertically, and these provide the residents with the best possible views of the Pacific Ocean which stretches out beneath them. There is an opening in the property wall which reveals a few steps that traverse their way down to a yard in front of the expansive, 470-square-metres home.

Extremely contemporary in nature, there is an awful lot to like about Casa Z from Zozaya Arquitectos. The middle level of the home, which is also where you’ll find the garden, is bookended by two concrete walls on the short end, while two sliding glass walls face out towards the ocean and the garden, and this allows the slender space to be almost completely open and a great place to relax and unwind in the welcoming Mexican climate.

The open-plan kitchen, living and dining spaces in Casa Z head out onto a terrace which provides spectacular views of the water, and where you’ll find an infinity pool that creates the illusion of a continuous body of water just outside the home. In this area of the home you’ll find wooden furniture and verdant plants which are in direct contrast to the home’s exposed structural elements. There is an exterior staircase which leads to the guest bedrooms, one floor down and there are two bedrooms to be found on this floor, each of which boasts a small terrace and an en-suite bathroom.

Industrial Aesthetic

At various points of Casa Z you’ll see black steel canopies supporting bamboo lattices and these are used to provide shade to certain spaces throughout the property, such as the exterior staircase at the back of the house, or the kitchen and part of the terrace at the front. Casa Z has irregular plaster walls which do a great job of adding to the building’s handmade and tropical aesthetic.

Casa Z from Zozaya Arquitectos boasts a mix of materials and local construction techniques to provide the house with a contemporary, eye-catching and tropical personality, which does a fantastic job of adapting to its environment and being at one with the nature that surrounds it. This is a superb amount of natural light throughout the property and this holiday home is one of the most breathtaking we’ve seen in some time here at Coolector HQ.

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