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There is a classiness and tangible sense of quality to leather wallets and accessories in our opinion here at The Coolector and we love coming across workshops crafting wares in small batches and to exacting standards. One such brand that has turned our head of late is Cavalier Goods Co, an Canadian purveyor of all sorts of leather based awesomeness, and for anyone after some new additions to their EDC line up, look no further.

Cavalier Goods Co. began from humble beginnings on a late autumn afternoon in an all-but-deserted café on Toronto’s Queen Street. The brainchild behind the brand, Marvin Jobs, had been browsing countless websites to find a bag that would not only be functional, but also sophisticated. After hours of searching without much luck, the inevitable thought occurred: “What does it take to make his own?The question that lead to where Cavalier Goods Co. is today. We’re mighty glad he went through that thought process because the leather goods that have resulted are second to none.

Cavalier Attitude

The ethos behind the Cavalier Goods Co brand is a simple one – namely, to craft beautiful and honest products that reflect the character of those who inhabit them. They are firm believers that owning less is more, but that you should cherish the few things you do have. This is a thought process that infuses all of their devilishly dapper leather goods – from wallets to belts – and if you value impeccable craftsmanship, this is a brand that will be right up your street.

There is a pleasing vintage style aesthetic to all the leather goods from Cavalier and you’ll be adding a mighty classy accessory to your EDC line up if you opt for any of their products. It is their minimalistic and understated wallets that are most to our liking here at The Coolector and we’ll definitely be looking to add one to our own accessories collection.

A real stand out product for us is the Minimalist Wallet with 4 Pockets which is ideally suited for when you just want to carry the absolute necessary. Crafted from top notch, vegetable tanned leather and robust thread, it boasts four card slots as well as a middle pocket to hold your bills. A minimalistic wallet which easily fits into any pocket without adding any bulk, it will age beautifully over time and develop a patina unique to you and your adventures.

High Quality Materials

All of the leathers that Cavalier Goods Co use is vegetable tanned leather that comes from renowned tanneries in Italy and the USA. Vegetable tanned leather uses natural materials in the tanning process like tree bark and other plant tissues and it’s eco-friendly and one of the oldest methods of tanning known to man. Compared to other methods, it’s a slow process and takes about six weeks but it’s definitely worth the wait so far as the quality is concerned.

Another great feature of these leather goods from Cavalier is the opportunity to personalise them. If you want to add a personal touch like your initials or name, they can emboss it into your new Cavalier Goods Co. product. For this, they carefully hand-press it with hot brass dies using a vintage Kingsley-M60 hot foil stamping machine – something which serves to add to the overall classiness of these awesome leather products. 

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