Villa M

Miami is definitely one of America’s most vibrant and appealing cities in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and, if we were ever to wind up living there, a home like this breathtaking Villa M from Doo Architecture ticks all of our design boxes. This glorious piece of contemporary architecture is situated on a narrow plot of land and has been thoughtfully designed from the inside out to make the most of its surroundings.

Exceptionally well designed, Villa M from Doo Architecture is positioned to make the most of the natural light and excellent views with the help of a series of courtyards. Connecting the courtyards is a straight pathway that heads from the entryway courtyard all the way out to the boat dock at the rear of the property.

Modern Features

The front courtyard of Villa M boasts green walls, while the next has eye-catching cantilevered pergolas alongside an interior sculpture courtyard, and last but not least, the main living area that opens up to the spectacular infinity pool and spiral staircase which leads on up to the impressive looking roof deck.

The back of the house opens up to the sleek and elegant looking infinity swimming pool which rests level to the patio floor for a seamless feel. The sculptural spiral staircase of Villa M from Doo Architecture delivers an unexpected curvy aesthetic to the back which consists predominantly of straight lines.

Pergolas are responsible for delivering the shaded areas in the Florida sun that Villa M is treated to while also providing a dynamic visual impact for the front façade of the home, especially when the sunlight is filtering through the slats. Curved wooden ceilings and walls are great for breaking up the straight lines present throughout the contemporary home and offer warmth simultaneously.

Miami Vibes

As you would expect from a home in Miami, Villa M is chock full of cool design features which help it to stand out from the crowd and capitalise on the tropical climate that the region is famous for. This stunning home has an amazing pool for cooling off on the most humid of days and an array of entertaining spaces that catch the eye.

The architecture of Villa M does a fine job of showcasing the design credentials of Doo Architecture. We can’t wait to see what other projects they come up with in the next 12 months and beyond if this magnificent piece of design is anything to go by.

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