Cave Foods Protein Bars

The caveman diet might not be quite as prevalent as it was a few years ago but there’s no doubting its certainly got its health benefits and if you’re looking for some great health snacks to fuel your adventures then you need look no further than these ace looking Cave Foods Protein Bars.

The Cave Foods Protein Bars are a range of gluten free snacks which not only boast some mightily excellent branding but also a myriad of health benefits that will make them a great addition to your snack roster.

The brainchild of Aussie, Stuart Gadenne, who crafted them due to his own gluten intolerance, these super cool snack bars are going to be right up the alley of the neolithic inclined. Available in a number of different flavours to suit your own tastes such as vanilla, chocolate and mixed protein and billed as performance fuel, you’re going to need to get your hands on some of these cracking snacks. Check out a few more shots below:

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For those chaps who either have a gluten intolerance of their own or who simply want some expertly branded, healthy snacks to fuel their day to day activities, you’ll not go too far wrong with these first rate Cave Foods Protein Bars and we’re definitely hoping to get our hands on some of these prehistoric looking snacks here at Coolector HQ.

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