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Usually there’s a way of spinning some comedic overtones on a brands name, but with a title like Centr Cam that’s proving somewhat difficult. So without so much as an introduction, we at The Coolector present you with Centr Cam. Centr Cam takes a pragmatic approach to the world of filmmaking, by logically pinpointing a simplistic approach to delivering a rather stunning feat of 360 degree HD video with a device that can fit in your pocket.

As our pictures aptly demonstrate the camera is lightweight, with your thumb acting as the perfect mount for those days when you’re feeling a little James Bond. On the flipside the camera also serves your time-lapse needs, with a 5-hour battery charge ensuing an efficient recording.

Such is the potency of the Centr Cam, leading production powerhouses Discovery, Red Bull, and Fox Sports have enlisted in the Centr Cam regime, using it for their very own productions. Given their achievements to date, we estimate that when the Centr Cam goes into full production, it will enjoy similar successes to the ever-joyous Go Pro, largely thanks to their simple hand-held approach to cinematography.

As is the trend with most new technologies, the Centr Cam has been integrated to suit the needs of your mobile device, meaning you can control your camera settings using your mobile, nifty detailing guys. Check out a few shots below:

centrcam centrapp

Always a fan of cheeky technology, the Centr Cam has a big thumbs up from us chaps at The Coolector. Yes the camera has been used by professional entities, but for those of you shuddering at your own technical competence, the Centr Cam oozes simplicity, so is suited to the weariest of camera novices.

Concluding what we’ve seen from Centr Cam thus far, we’re expecting big things from these guys on future creations, but until that time comes Centr Cam is a blinding piece of kit well worth supporting on Kickstarter.

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