Star Wars: The Ralph McQuarrie Gallery

Though this one may be a little late given it was official Star Wars Day yesterday but these fantastic pieces of conceptual Star Wars artwork from Ralph McQuarrie are too good to be ignored so here they are. The Star Wars Galaxy was originally bought to life by McQuarrie who designed the various different elements of the film from the landscapes to the characters including Darth Vader and Chewbacca and he was a visionary indeed.

After meeting with George Lucas who told McQuarrie of his desire to create a space fantasy film, he soon got to work on designing some of the movies key characters and locations and the artwork he resultantly produced looks incredible and has got us around Coolector HQ excited anew about the impending new Star Wars movies from J.J Abrams.

This artwork formed the foundations for the original Star Wars trilogy and its difficult to think of a movie without these first rate pieces of conceptual art from McQuarrie who died in 2012 so sadly won’t see the latest iterations but without his stunning vision, they wouldn’t have been as memorable as they undoubtedly are. Check out some of his best below:



death star


x wing

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If you’re equally as enamoured with the Star Wars franchise, you’ll be as impressed as us here at Coolector HQ with the artwork which gave rise to the galaxy that we all know and love and we can’t wait for the continuation of this series in a year or sos time.

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