CERO One Electric Cargo Bike

Electric bikes are becoming all the rage nowadays but if you want one that offers more than just a means of getting from A to B and can actually help you in the porting wares about then this CERO One Electric Cargo Bike is the ideal choice for you. Billed as the ultimate compact electric cargo bike, the CERO One has an abundance of functional features that really help to set it apart from the other machines on the market.

The makers of the CERO One Electric Cargo Bike call it the S.U.V but meaning a Super Utility Vehicle in this case because it is undoubtedly one of the most useful and versatile machine available. This cracking steed is purpose-built to move people and goods around with effortless ease and style. It boasts a customisable modular cargo system, one-size-fits-most versatility, and top-of-the-range components, which combine to ensure that it’s a bike that truly delivers in every sense of the word.

Electric Energy

It goes without saying that there are many tangible benefits to electric bikes such as being cheaper and greener than the average vehicle and you’ll be able to ride it much faster and longer than other bikes. The CERO One Electric Cargo Bike is built to carry – whether this be groceries, bags or children – it is built for convenience courtesy of the modular cargo rack system. Consisting of three sturdy aluminium baskets which mount both in the front and rear racks, designed to fit your needs and make your daily life a whole lot more streamlined.

With a thoroughly impressive 93 miles of range, the CERO One Electric Cargo Bike with Shimano’s latest-generation, 504Wh battery, the CERO One can travel up to 93 miles on a single charge. This superbly compact, lightweight 250W Shimano motor will come in and support your pedaling up to 20 MPH which means that you’ll get an energy boost each time you pedal and a break when tackling particularly uncompromising hills.

CERO’s designers and engineers are some of the best in the business and this means that everything about how the bike looks and rides was purpose-built to make it a stable, robust, and extremely manoeuvrable ride. When investing in a high-quality bicycle like this, you’ll be expecting unparalleled performance, top notch comfort, and durability and, it’s safe to say, the CERO One doesn’t disappoint. CERO make sure of this quality by working with the finest partners in the industry, and by choosing only top-quality components that will meet and exceed your biking expectations.

Contemporary Classic

Such is the striking design and impeccable performance of the CERO One Electric Cargo Bike that it will rapidly become a modern cycling classic that is so overflowing with functional features that’s hard to know where to begin. Taking its design inspiration from time-tested utility bikes such as the Japanese Mamachari and the British Royal Mail Bike, the CERO One brings these into the 21st century with a elegant, contemporary design and features.

With prices starting at $2890, it’s not the cheapest electric bike on the market but the CERO One Electric Cargo Bike is definitely one of the top performing and most versatile that money can buy. If you want an electric bike that offers more than the average and can be used to carry plenty of goods, the CERO One certainly ticks all of the right boxes.

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