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We’ve got pretty eclectic tastes when it comes to the sort of artwork that we love here at Coolector HQ and it typically gravitates more towards the quirky end of the spectrum and that’s why we’ve fallen mighty hard for the awesome designs and screenprints of UK based illustrator, Charlotte Farmer. If you love bonkers but brilliant artwork that has an heavy emphasis on the animal world (with a particular penchant for cats), these top notch screenprints are for you and they will instantly bring any home or workspace to life with their vibrant visuals.

Charlotte Farmer is a screen printer and illustrator who clearly has a distinct love of colour and fine detail – both features that shine through in her superb array of artwork which is available to purchase from Etsy. She studied at Saint Martins, gaining a masters in Communication Design, specialising in illustration and lives and works from the Somerset city of Bath with frequent trips to Bristol for screen printing at Spike Print Studio. For anyone looking to ramp up the aesthetic appeal of their home this spring, look no further.

Visually Vibrant Artwork

It is clear to see that Charlotte Farmer has a passion for drawing, screenprinting and super bright colour combinations but when you throw making maps, coffee, collecting a variety of brush pens for hand lettering and a very spoilt cat called Margo into the mix, the vibrant, mad-cap nature of her artwork becomes all the more apparent and appealing. As big cat aficionados here at Coolector HQ, it is inevitable that this is something that was always going to resonate with our sensibilities.

The screen prints that Charlotte Farmer creates regularly involve collections of things from snowglobes, pottery figures or ice creams to tropical birds and animals. She loves to create a collection design because of the way they bring together unexpected combinations of objects and characters. She has also designed and created three books for Ilex press: The Hipster Colouring Book, The Passive Aggressive Colouring Book and The Museum of Me Activity Book.

Finding artwork which tallies with your own design tastes can be something that is a little difficult from time to time which is why its always so rewarding to come across illustrators of Charlotte Farmer’s calibre because she boasts an abundance of artwork and screenprints that are hard not to love and which will breathe new life into any unused wall space you’ve got around your home.

Unique Aesthetic

Charlotte Farmer’s illustration technique is an unusual one and creates artwork which is both striking and uniquely hers. For anyone who loves artwork that strays away from the ordinary and mundane, you’ll be in your element here and her prints come in a number of different shapes and sizes but many of them are A3 for easy framing and hanging.

It’s great to discover new artists and illustrators from time to time and, given we spend an undue amount of time in search of them here at Coolector HQ, it’s hard to believe its taken us this long to discover the amazing artwork of Charlotte Farmer and we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on any new releases she has in the coming months. We think you should too.

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