Cheerble Drinkie Water Dispenser

If you own a cat, or cats, as we do here at Coolector HQ, you’ll likely be only too aware of their inevitable stubborn streaks and seldom is this stubbornness more apparent than with their drinking water. They go into full on Goldilocks mode so far as water is concerned and, if it’s not just right, they’ll ignore it. Well, you can ensure that they always stay hydrated with this excellent looking Cheerble Drinker Water Dispenser for cats which is taking Kickstarter by storm as we speak.

The Cheerble Drinker Water Dispenser on Kickstarter is a smart pet water dispenser and it boasts a separation container structure which means no more recycling dirty water for your cats. With prices starting at a mighty reasonable $92 during the campaign (but for a limited time only so move fast), this smart device will make your feline friends much happier and ensure that they’ve always got fresh water available when they want or need it.

Packed Full Of Fantastic Features

It’s not every day that you’ll see a cat’s water bowl as feature-packed as the Cheerble Drinkie Water Dispenser. One of its stand out features is the fact it is self-cleaning which means no more feelings of guilt if you go a few days (or weeks) without cleaning your cat’s bowl. To do this, it uses a patent-pending Pulse System, which allows the Drinkie dispenser to rinse your pet’s dish as many times as you like and that you set by using the accompanying smart app.

The Cheerble Drinkie Water Dispenser (From $92) on Kickstarter offers cleaner than filtered water and unlike traditional dispensers whose filters become a source of secondary pollution over time, Drinkie doesn’t require filters at all. This is because it belongs to a new generation of dispensers, which provide clean water to your pet’s dish right from the fresh water tank. This means that stray whiskers, food particles, and germs are a thing of the past as they are rinsed away into a separate airtight waste water tank.

With 106 oz (3 litres) of fresh water storage and 35 oz (1 litre) wastewater storage, you can trust Drinkie to deliver sufficient water to your pet for up to 5 days. This means you can go on a vacation, stay late at work or go on a trip without worrying your fur friend’s water will run out before you get back. With this clever device, you can monitor your pet’s drinking habits (water consumption, drinking times) and its innovative tech means it will replenish the dish fast only when its sensors detect your pet isn’t around so as not to scare it. And if they’re near, it will slow down the speed of water replenishment for them to enjoy their drink. Like what you see? Head on over to Kickstarter now.

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