Chivote 2Face Backpack

It is often the case that the simplest ideas are often the best and that is something that can be applied to a rather spiffing accessory from a talented London design duo that go by the name of Chivote. Their latest offering, the 2Face Backpack, which is billed as the first two-sided, handcrafted leather backpack and whilst we don’t know about all that here at Coolector HQ, what we do know is that they’ve come up with an uber-cool backpack that we can definitely get on board with.

The Chivote 2Face Backpack is designed for the standard urban dweller and the attention to detail in its finish is plain to see. The piece has been designed by two architects and their analytic approach shines through in the clean aesthetics evident in the backpack’s construction. The intention of this clever piece of design is to provide an accessory that is multi-purpose insomuch as it can be used for a daily work commute just as much as it can be for a jaunt to the gym.

If you like what you see with the Chivote 2Face Backpack then you’re going to need to put your money where your mouth is because it’s currently being funded over on Kickstarter. You can see from the photos below why it is more than worthy of your backing:






We’re certainly impressed with the aesthetic appeal of the Chivote 2Face Backpack here at The Coolector and if you are too, you need to show your support for the project. This great looking carry will definitely make a stylish addition to any commute and it boasts a 100% premium leather exterior, two distinct faces which can be interchanged in seconds, padded pockets to increase gadget protection and durable metal buckles.

A contemporary classic in the making, the Chivote 2Face Backpack has made fans of us at Coolector HQ and we’re fully behind anyone who is capable of crafting such impeccable awesomeness. Kudos, chaps.

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