It’s not often we watch a video of a product and we’re still entirely none the wiser as to what that product actually is here at Coolector HQ but that feeling has well and truly just washed over us after viewing Qleek. Despite being a little non-plussed by the device, we were left entirely agog throughout and the one thing that we do know is that we want Qleek in our lives.

Qleek is best described as bringing digital media back to the future and, quite frankly, we’ve been mesmerised by the fantastic design of these devices but, as with most things, a picture (or indeed a video) paints a thousand words, so check out the videos below to get up to speed with where we’re currently at with Qleek here at The Coolector:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/tsaQt0NSJOM[/youtube]

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/A4I5CTMAu40[/youtube]

The overall gist of Qleek seems to be a digital media player that lets you play your favourite playlists and hit television shows at your convenience but with the added incentive of looking entirely awesome and that’s something that we can definitely appreciate at The Coolector.







All the digital data with Qleek are incorporated within the brilliantly stylish wooden hexagonal disks you see before you and they can be given as gifts or created as you see fit. We’re astonished with the visual appeal of Qleek and we’re hoping that it becomes mainstream and competes with the more throwaway media with which we are surrounded in today’s day and age.

We love the thought of having tangible media (like the vinyl of yore) here at Coolector HQ and Qleek very much looks to be a step in the right direction as it boasts both technological advancements and considerable aesthetic appeal.

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