Chivote Boombox Bag

I’m not going to lie, we’re pretty much Kickstarter groupies here at Coolector HQ and spend far too much time hovering around it than we probably should but when you come across wares as patently awesome as this Chivote Boombox Bag from London based duo, Andrew and Alex, then we’re starting to think our abundance of time spent on the site is a bit more legitimate.

The Chivote Boombox Bag is a superbly versatile and highly attractive carry specifically designed for those who are regularly required to lug around their laptops and tablets. This is an affliction with which we are blighted with here at The Coolector and we’re definitely in the market for an attractive and devilishly dapper carrying solution and that, sir, is exactly what we’ve found with this sartorially exceptional bag. The Chivote has an impressive pair behind its construction as they have skills in the arena of architecture and design and this is something which is only too evident with the highly functional Chivote Boombox Bag which will make your gadget carrying problems a thing of the past.

Taking its design lead from the iconic Boombox of the 80’s (yep, you could pretty much get one in there if you wanted), this impressive beast of a bag definitely gets two thumbs up from The Coolector and it is currently in the process of wowing all and sundry over on Kickstarter so, if you want to get your hands on one early doors, then head on over and show your support. You can check out just why the Chivote Boombox Bag has won us over with some product shots below:






We’re definitely loving the out and out versatility of the Chivote and whilst we probably won’t be dusting off our boombox to carry around, you can rest assured will be using one to get our gadgets to and from work if they reach their funding target on Kickstarter.

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