Chronos Smart Watch Disc

If you’ve got a wristwatch that you love but you wish was a touch more gadgety then you might want to turn your attention to this rather awesome looking little construct that goes by the name of the Chronos Smart Watch Disc which does exactly that.

The Chronos Smart Watch Disc is a discrete looking, understated little addition that you attach to the caseback of your timepiece and it instantly ramps up the smartness of said watch by providing a whole host of features that you’d associate with smartwatches such as fitness tracking and notifications.

An extremely versatile gadget, the Chronos Smart Watch Disc is suitable for use with more or less any type of wristwatch and at a mere 3mm in thickness, it doesn’t detract from the look of feel of your watch in any way.

It comes with an accompanying app that allows you to make gesture controls on your watch that lets you carry out things like skipping music tracks and checking notifications on your phone. Check out a few more shots below:

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A great little addition to any chap’s wristwatch collection that will instantly increase the capabilities of any timepiece that you wear on a daily basis. If you want the functionality and data of a smartwatch but don’t want to give up on the aesthetic of traditional timepieces then the Chronos Smart Watch Disc could be just the solution for you.

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