Chubbies Swimming Shorts

Summer hasn’t quite left for the year yet and there will still be plenty of opportunities to head to the beach or your favourite swimming hole over the next few weeks so you might as well invest in so more swimming shorts for the occasion. One of our favourite brands for swimming shorts is Chubbies and they’ve got some mighty vibrant offerings ready and waiting to be your next go-to pair of swimmers. Check out a few of the best Chubbies Swimming Shorts below:

Chubbies Bloomerangs Stretch Swim Short  ($69.50)

Stretchy, ridiculously comfortable, and performance-y with visually vibrant patterns, it’s not hard to see why Chubbies’s legion of cult fans love their swimming shorts and these Bloomerangs Stretch Swim Shorts ($69.50) are a favourite of ours at The Coolector. They are made from a quick-drying fabric transitions from water to land with ease. ($69.50)

Chubbies Neon Lights Stretch Swim Short ($69.50)

If you were inspecting a rack full of swimming shorts, the ones from Chubbies would definitely stand out from the crowd with these Neon Lights Stretch Swim Shorts ($69.50) standing out more than most. Their signature prints are the first thing you notice when you see ‘em, but their performance and exceptional comfort are what will turn you into a life-long convert. The stretch fabric moves with you for maximum cannonball tuckage, and you can cinch down the drawcord at the waist to ensure they don’t leave your rear end hanging out when you hit the water. ($69.50)

Chubbies En Fuegos Stretch Swim Short ($69.50)

The beauty of Chubbies swimming shorts is the fact they dry fast so you can transition from water to land without soggy shorts that weigh you down when you want to enjoy a craft beer on dry land. To top it off, they’re equipped with a built-in stretch liner for a little extra support. Bold and impactful, these Chubbies En Fuegos Stretch Swim Shorts ($69.50) are going to be a real head-turner at the beach or swimming spot over the next few weeks. ($69.50)

Chubbies Whale Sharks Stretch Swim Short ($69.50)

Chock full of first-class features, the Chubbies Whale Sharks Stretch Swim Shorts ($69.50) are probably our favourite pair of Chubbies here at Coolector HQ. Some of the stand out features of these swim shorts includes a built-in stretch mesh liner for support, a rear zipper pocket for all your EDC essentials when out of the water and an elastic waistband with drawcord to adjust the fit. ($69.50)

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