City Screenprints

Though we’ve not visited quite as many of these cityscapes as we would like here at The Coolector, we can certainly appreciate impeccable design and these City Screenprints from Me & Him & You are a great representation of some of the most famous landmarks all over the world.

The Dublin based Me & Him & You created these silk screenprints based on the travelling spirit of the Irish and the fact that they have friends in each of the cities represented in the series – which includes Boston, New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong – and we here at Coolector HQ very much appreciate the fact that each print also boasts the city in question’s most famous tipple.

If you’re after some wonderfully designed and highly stylish prints for your home, you’ll not go too far wrong with the spiffingly stylised City Screenprints by Me & Him & You. We’re big fans for sure and we’re hoping that they’ll be adding more new cities to their series in 2014.

Price: €60

Available: Me & Him & You

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