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If we could wear T-shirts all the time at Coolector HQ, we do truth be told, we’d be very happy indeed and we always remain on the lookout for new brands with which to fill our shelves and we’ve found an absolute belter right here on our London doorstep in the form of P & Co and their impeccable selection of minimalistic printed tees.

P & Co are a newcomer on our radar but we are understandably delighted to have discovered them such is the tip top nature of their wares. They were founded by Mr Clark and Mr Timms (bit formal) in 2012 and despite their newness to market, they’ve wasted no time at all in delivering some superb looking T-shirts that we here at Coolector HQ are firm fans of. Dedicated to crafting functional and attractive tees, P & Co are certainly successful in this objective as the fantastic tees below admirably illustrate.






If, like us, you love super cool brands like this, P & Co have much that will appeal to your sensibilities. Striking but not flashy and ideal for the outdoor lifestyle, we’re firm fans of this London based brand and will be keeping our beady eye on all their cracking goods from now on.

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